How to understand the characteristics and differences of medical plastics

2020-08-25 08:47:36 166

The basic requirements of medical plastics are chemical stability and biological safety, because they have to come into contact with liquid medicine or human body. To put it simply, the components in plastic materials can't be separated out into liquid medicine or human body, which will not cause toxicity and damage to tissues and organs, and is non-toxic and harmless to human body. In order to ensure the biological safety of medical plastics, the medical plastics usually sold in the market are certified and tested by medical authorities, and users are clearly informed which brands are medical grade.


Medical plastics in the United States usually pass fda certification and usp vi biological testing, while medical grade plastics in China usually pass the testing of Shandong Medical Device Testing Center. At present, there are quite a few medical plastic materials in China that have not been certified for biosafety strictly, but with the gradual improvement of laws and regulations, these conditions will be improved more and more. According to the structure and strength requirements of equipment products, we choose the appropriate plastic type and brand, and determine the processing technology of materials. These properties include processability, mechanical strength, use cost, assembly method, sterilization and so on.