Application of antistatic pa66 material in the field of household appliances

2020-08-25 08:40:20 186

The antistatic pa66 material achieves antistatic, conductive and voltage-resistant effects by adding antistatic agents into pa66. Its main working principle is to form an electromigration layer in pa66 that can dissipate electrostatic voltage, conduct away the current effect caused by friction and electromagnetic induction in time, and play a role of current protection for products to avoid risks such as current breakdown.


Application of antistatic pa66 material in the field of home appliances 1. Accurate size control ability ensures perfect combination of products; 2. Good appearance and expression ability; 3. Electrostatic grooming protects weak current circuits in electrical and electrical products more stable and reliable; 4. The application of high temperature resistance can improve the safety factor of electrical products simultaneously.